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    Question Laparoscopic revision of paraesophageal hernia repair with gastropexy

    How would you go about coding this? I am at a complete loss. Pre op diagnosis: slipped fundoplication, dysphagia Post op diagnosis: same as above Procedure performed: Laparoscopic revision of paraesophageal hernia repair with gastropexy Findings: half of stomach and Toupet fundoplication...
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    49622 IP only code performed OP

    Hello, I have a patient who had a lap para ileostomy hernia repair with mesh done in the outpatient setting (Was discharged same day). Our office billed 49622 but of course that was denied due to it being a status C code for inpatient only. 44346 and 44314 have been considered as alternatives...
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    Laparoscopic hernia repair with abdominal wall reconstruction with bilateral rectus fascia flaps

    Hello, Our office is wondering how everyone is coding for a laparoscopic hernia repair with abdominal wall reconstruction with bilateral rectus fascia flaps (i.e. flap 15734 open code)? We have tried to use the unlisted code 49659 and equaling it to the hernia CPT and 15734 codes and they deny...
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    Questions about inguinal/femoral hernia repair and mesh implantation

    1) How would you code bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair? We tried using 49650 with modifier 50 but it was rejected as an improper modifier. Would you code it as 49650-RT and -LT? 2) During laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, a femoral hernia was found and repaired...
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    Wiki hernia repair hierarchy?

    Is there some type of hierarchy for how to code hernia repairs? For instance, if the surgeon states he did a epigastric incisional hernia repair, is this coded as an epigastric hernia repair or as an incisional hernia repair?
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    Wiki Coding Question - Labial Mass -> Hernia

    Hello, We had a patient with a labial mass that had been explored before by a general surgeon and there were no findings. Upon MRI it looked like a possible lipoma but we were not 100% sure. During surgery it was found to be a hernia, the surgeon dissected the fibrosis overlying the sac and sent...
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    Coding Help! Laparoscopic Paraesophageal Hernia Repair with Mesh, without Nissen

    My surgeon, performed a Laparoscopic Paraesophageal Hernia Repair with Mesh, without Nissen Fundoplication. I am confused as to whether I should use the CPT Code 43282, Laparoscopy, surgical, repair of paraesophageal hernia, includes fundoplasty, when performed; with implantation of mesh. Or...
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    Wiki ICD 9 Inquinal Hernia Bilateral, one recurrent

    Hi, could you please tell me the appropriate ICD 9 coding for a patient who had a bilateral inquinal hernia and one is recurrent? 550.91 and 550.92 or only 550.92 Thank you, Laura C
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    Brazilian Liopabdominplasty

    I have a suction-assisted Brazilian Lipoabdominoplasty with a simultaneous repair of incisional hernia, and I do not code these! We will be billing the patient directly for the cosmetic procedure and the insurance plan for the hernia repair. I am stuck on which CPT to use for the cosmetic...
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    Wiki Change in Biological Mesh for Hernia procedures since ICD-10

    Hi all, I'm trying to help a client who's a medical device manufacturer understand some strange data that they're now receiving since the changeover from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Before ICD-10, the majority of biological mesh usage in hernia procedures was for ventral/incisional hernias, but since the...
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    Help coding laparoscopic repair of parastomal hernia with mesh

    From what I am finding, I should bill unlisted 50949 and like it to 50728. The provider says it should be billed as unlisted 49659 and like it to 44346. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included a copy of the OP note. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Parastomal hernia POSTOPERATIVE...
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    Help with bundling issue

    I have the attached op note for a incarcerated umbilical hernia repair w/ a small bowel perforation. I coded it as 49587. My physicians wants to also charge for the repair of perforation. To me that would be bundled, am I over thinking this? Can I charge for both and if so what code would I add...
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    Wiki Co-surgery? Incisional hernia repair/Component separation

    Hi, I work for a general surgeon that did a repair of an incarcerated incisional hernia. Because of the size of the defect a plastic surgeon assisted on the repair and then the plastic surgeon did an abdominal wall reconstruction/component separation. They both dictated separated operative...
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    Attempted closed reduction of incarcerated hernia.

    I'm seeking coding advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The patient was seen in the office for a incarcerated right inguinal hernia. The physician then attempted to manually manipulate the hernia. Below I have included the description of procedure. "With patient under general...
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    Nonreducible umbilical hernia

    Dr states open repair nonreducible umbilical hernia- His findings were -there was omental fat incarcerted in the hernia which measured 2cm in diameter. I am coding 49587 for incarcerated do you guys agree? Not sure why I am second guessing myself here thanks Vanessa
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    Re-repair of Inguinal Hernia

    My surgeon brought her patient, who had an inguinal hernia repair in March, back to the OR for re-exploration and mesh removal due to pain. (ultrasound showed no recurrent hernia). The surgeon removed the mesh and then re-repaired the hernia with new mesh. The diagnosis was Right inguinal nerve...
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    Inguinal Neurectomy

    One of the physicians I work for did a neurectomy on a pt's inguinal nerves that were stuck to the mesh after a hernia repair he had done last year. Does anyone have any idea how to bill for this? I hate to use the unlisted code but I have searched the neurectomy codes and none of them pertain...
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    Component separation in hernia repairs

    Anyone have recommendations for coding component separation [with Alloderm onlay etc] in complex ventral hernia repairs? Thanks!
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    Component Separation in hernia repair

    Anyone out there have recommendations on coding component separation in complex ventral hernia repairs? Thanks