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    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to capture middle-of-the-night work being done by the Neurosurgeon. He is being called for chart reviews, etc late at night by the Emergency room doctors and he is giving recommendations. He does see the patient for a face to face consult the next...
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    Wiki Hospital billing help needed

    Newbie to hospital billing and I have 2 questions from a PCP office: 1. Patient had OP surgery but ended up spending the night (never admitted)....PCP saw her twice in the recovery area (he wasn't the admitting nor surgical doc).....can he bill a 99213 w POS 22 ? Or is another code more...
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    Wiki Billing on time hospital or snf

    I have a provider who documents a good summary of counseling provided to pt & as well as care coordination discussion with another provider, along with the required statement that the visit was dominated by c/cc. But she counts time spent documenting the visit under "coordination of care". I...
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    Wiki Post Hospital DC Status Change

    We are having a lot of pt's that are in the hospital less than one over night or maybe they stayed 2 nights but insurance is denying in patient stay but will approve obs or out patient status. Our clinic docs see pt's in our hospital and I do the billing for the provider's charges only. I...