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    Coding for H&P ambulatory for outpatient procedures

    I have APP's at the hospital who do H&P's for surgeons > 48hours before the surgery that I am billing 99213 for most. I'm having a conversation with someone at the hospital who states we can't bill for that. If the physician was doing it at his office he would bill for it, so my question is...
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    CRNA and E&M

    We are getting denials from PA's Medicare for CRNAs when billing 99201 for cancelled procedures. Denial when performed/billed by this type of provider. One claim rep said the service is covered under a CRNA but another rep said this was an error. Is anyone getting payment from MC for these? I...
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    Consult code inpatient

    One provider from our group did h&p for admission, brought in cardiologist they consulted pt then requested another provider from our group see pt for consult on the day after can we bill for h&p by the one provder and a consult for the other provider or does it have to be a f/u code. H&p was...
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    INPT/OPT admision and discharge same day

    Patient was admitted to the Observation on 1/31/2016. The admitting physician gave the orders over the phone on that day at 5:50pm. He saw the patient the next morning (2/1/2016) and did the H&P. Then, patient was discharged from the Observation on the same day at 4:10pm. How should it be...
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    Hospitalist as attending physician for Orthopedic surgical inpatient

    We are a small Critical Access Hospital. Our orthopedic surgeons (who are not employed by us) have asked our Hospitalists to act as the attending physicians for their fractured hip cases. They ask that the Hospitalist perform the admitting H&P to clear the patient for surgery and then...
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    H&P billing after patient delivering the baby in the car

    Can the provider bill the H&P on a patient who actually delivered before arriving to the labor and delivery unit ? Followed the delivery the provider saw the patient ... ? Pls help