icd-10 2019

  1. P

    Wiki Appearing condition

    In radiology report of mammogram "Can we code scattered benign appearing calcifications from the findings" Impression says " NO MAMMOGRAPHIC SIGN TO SUGGEST MALIGNANCY IN EITHER BREAST. STABLE MAMMOGRAPHIC BREAST PATTERN." "Appearing" word comes which is not giving confirmation about dx present...
  2. buskeys

    Wiki ICD-10-CM Difference in Books?

    Does anyone know the difference between the ICD-10-CM Complete Official Codebook book and the ICD-10-CM Expert book? If there is a big difference, which one is better? Pictures included for reference. Thanks!
  3. A

    lateral/medial canthus ICD-10

    With the new ICD-10 codes for 2019, we are now required to specify if a lesion is on the upper or lower eyelid. I code for a lot of mohs surgeries on the eyelid and some fall on the 'lateral' or 'medial' canthus. When asking the provider to specify if the lesion is on the upper or lower...