1. B

    T81.4XX* Change

    LTC/SNF resident. Dx on 8/16/18 was T81.4XXA, infection started in facility. Now due to changes in ICD-10 for 2019 the code has changed to T81.40XA. I'm getting an error icon on my diagnosis sheet because that code is no longer effective. Do I code the later effective 10/1 and remove the other...
  2. M

    Renal Crisis Dx coding

    Thoughts on ICD 10 CM coding for Renal Crisis as it relates to scleroderma? Thanks for the help!
  3. D

    metastasis to brain

    Hi, Am I on the right track here? Pt. Dx w/ uterine ca s/p successful hysterectomy, cancer free 4 yrs., however recent metastasis to the brain. Presenting for radiation therapy today. I choose: Z51.0, Radiation therapy C79.31 Secondary malignant neoplasm of brain Z90.710 Acquired absence...
  4. S

    Wiki ICD10 For Essential hypertension of cerebral arteries

    Hi guys, Can somebody provide icd10cm code for cerebral arterial essential hypertension. As per book, it leads us like essential (primary) hypertension involving vessels of brain (I60 - I69). But it doesnot lead for hypertension in cerebral arteries, Codes under these goes for SAH...