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    Wiki IHC staining confusion (88342, 88344) - please help!

    Could someone please help me with this? The pathology report supports ONE specimen. The report states "IHC stains are performed with appropriate controls & reveal strong & diffuse positivity for CK5/6, CALRETININ, & WT-1 (Nuclear). Focal positive staining is seen for CK 7, MOC31, & BEREP4. The...
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    Wiki If one of 2 specimens is no charge for 88305, how are IHC done on each billed?

    I have a case for which the surgeon submitted 2 separate specimens from the same location (breast biopsies) - submitted as A & B. Actin and p63 were done on each, A & B. The pathologist has asked to no-charge B for 88305, but requests for the IHC 88342, 88341 X 3. My thinking is that since...