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    Aetna breast cancer patient had delayed reconstruction so the doctor inserted bilateral implants. I coded 19342 with modifier 50 and aetna only paid for one side, do i need to bill with rt and lt modifiers to receive proper reimbursement? Bcbs pays with modifier 50. We don't have many aetna...
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    Pain Neurostimulators - Can you bill implants separate on commercial cases?

    Alright alright alright, So far we have only had Medicare neurostimlator cases (63650x2, 63685) and recently we've been asked if we could do a Cigna. Now here's my issue, are we able to bill implants separately with this commercial policy using the various HCPCS codes? The reason for my...

    Periodontal packing

    Can someone help me with the code for Periodontal packing or dressing? I looked in HCPCS and the CDT book, and online with no luck. Also, what is the average fee? Thanks!!!
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    Billing for Implants

    Can the surgeon submit claims for the implants used? If the surgeon supplies the implants and they are not purchased by the ASC, couldn't he submit claims for them? :rolleyes:
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    Implant billing

    My ASC has always had trouble getting paid for implants.. One problem I am faced with is that it is my understanding Medicare's definition of an implant is a device that replaces a body part. ex- prosthetic hip /knee .... Our payer contracts include the "words" implant reimbursement at a...