in office procedures


    Finger contracture manipulation

    My provider manipulated a patient's finger PIP and DIP joints with just a digital block in-office. Would this be billed as unlisted or is it not billable? Thank you. "PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Contracture left ring finger PIP joint post dislocation. PROCEDURE: Manipulation PIP and DIP...
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    Question Myosure-Fibroid removal in office

    For any ob/gyn coders/billers. Does anyone do Myosure’s/ Hysterscopic Fibroid Removal as an in office Procedure? If so, how do you reconcile the reimbursement difference between Hysteroscopic D&C vs the myosure. The D&C is less work often times but higher reimbursement vs Myosure more work...
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    Use of -25 Modifier with in-office procedure

    Can anyone cite a source that will clarify if a -25 modifier appended to a 99214 E&M visit when 46916 times 8 was done in the office at the time of the visit for "golfer's elbow" (different DX for E&M service) procedure code? Wouldn't the level billed for the E&M exclude time spent performing...