inclusive denial

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    Wiki S9480

    Hello, Could anyone tell me if code S9480 can be billed on the same day with evaluation and management services, case management, group therapy, and lab charges? Are all these ancillary services considered included in this per diem rate?
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    Wiki Assistant Surgeon claim denial: considered inclusive ...

    In GYN surgery, the primary surgeon did multiple procedures. The assistant surgeon assisted with only one of those procedures. The procedure that had the assistant was considered inclusive of the other services done by the primary surgeon. Does the assistant surgeon have any standing for...
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    Wiki Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Hi, I am new to Ortho and have a denial for 29823-51-RT. We have a billing company handling our charges/payments. I am reviewing denials and have the following billed: 29827-RT, 29828-51-RT,29823-51-RT and 219826-RT. I can't find any reason why the 29823 is denying. It is denied with a 97...