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    Question How to Code this Simple Co-Infection?

    This seems like it would be extremely easy, but I can't figure it out. How should I code HIV with Syphylis coinfection? That's it. HIV with AIDS, Syphilis is unspecified. How does one code this....accurately? My brain hurts.
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    Infected Nexplanon

    Two visits a month apart. 1st was for the insertion of the Nexplanon (11981/j7307). Then weeks later came in, Nexplanon was found to be too superficial and now infected. So, removed and re-inserted in other arm (11983-52 (reduced service to reduce charge since it's not really patient's fault for...
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    Question C-Section Assist with Postpartum visit for Infection

    Hello everyone, I have a little bit of a dilemma and I'm hoping that someone can help me out. Here is the scenario: Patient was seen in the hospital for a c-section and my OB assisted. This patient had previously not been seen in our clinic. Patient then comes to our office a month later with...
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    Hand infection debridement

    Does anyone know what the appropriate CPT code would be for an irrigation and debridement of deep palmar infection of the hand? OP report says: "First, I slowly cleaned the hand of chronic purulence that was stuck into the palm. Despite a preoperative scrub and sterilization, there was still...
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    Surgical Wound Infection?

    I have a case where the patient has a surgical wound infection and dehiscence. The wound was debrided while in the hospital. We are getting them for home health and I am wondering would I code both the infection and dehiscence? Thanks
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    Human metapneumovirus infection

    Hi guys! Need some help! For some reason I'm having difficulty coding this case. It states "human metapneumovirus infection with superimposed bacterial pneumonia" Any help would be great! Thanks!
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    are visits for complications for 10060 fall under the global or can we bill for them?

    I know that 10060 has a 10-day global but what exactly does that cover? We saw a pt 5 times within the 10 day period after the procedure for infection and repacking. Can we bill these out and if so what are the codes? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Staph infection at specified site?

    I can't find a code for staph infection at specified site. The one I find, A49.01, says of unspecified site. I may be going about the coding of this incorrectly. Help! Provider describes area on forehead, just below hairline, where pt has a bump and crusted area. Dx: Staph infection of skin...
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    Wiki Help with Code for Wound Infection

    We see this scenario a lot in our ER.... patient comes in with a puncture or laceration to finger and it is infected. In ICD-9 we used code 883.1, which was an open wound, complicated, and the complicated option covered a "wound infection". This option no longer exists with ICD-10. Any ideas...
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    Office visit during the global period

    Please help. I was under the impression, that you can charge an office visit during the post-op period if you treat the pt in the office for infection at the site of surgery. Am I wrong?