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    Wiki Telemedicine

    Has anyone had experience coding for Telemedicine? Looking for any input and codes that you have used.
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    Wiki Questions on AWV documentation

    Our practice is new to doing AWVs and I want to make sure we are documenting all the requirements appropriately. I've been reviewing the CMS document for AWVs:, and I have a couple of questions. The required elements list ADLs and IADLs...
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    Wiki spine coding questin

    dr. billing 22551 23845 22851 20660 20930 77003 - my question is the fluoro code, I don't see where it says it should not be billed, does anyone have any input on this, I am new to spine coding also with a 59 be appropriate for the 77003?
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    Wiki Care Plan Oversight Services 99374 - 99380

    Does anyone know if any type of specialist like Podiatrist can bill the CPO codes? One of our Podiatrist seems to think he should be able to, but I can not find any thing that specifically states yes or no. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Wiki Radiopharm Reimbursement

    We have just started having problems getting our Radiopharm's paid, even with Invoice. They've all gone to Q2 level and are now denying. They (Medicare) will not tell us why, specifically. We've done everything they've asked. Is anyone else having this problem? Any input would be greatly...
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    Wiki Compliance / Physician Coding Auditing Books

    Hello fellow coders, I am in the process of ordering auditing materials for Physician E/M and pro-fee surgeries and would like to know if there are auditing books/tools that you would recommend. Thank so much for your input.