1. C

    Humana requirement for documenting Z79.4, long term insulin use

    We just had an audit from Humana and are being told that the doctors note is not sufficient unless it states the plan is to continue insulin, increase or decrease the dosage. We had a visit where the doctor mentioned in HPI patient was on insulin and Victoza. In the Assessment and Plan the...
  2. L

    Help question?

    Patient is 25 weeks and 5 days pregnant. She was seen by OBGYN Doc in office for evaluation of her gestational diabetes. Her glucose levels required that she be placed on insulin. what is/are appropriate ICD-10 CM code(s)? O24.414 Z3A.25?? ??
  3. H

    Question Sliding scale insulin

    Hello, seeking guidance on whether documentation patient is on sliding scale insulin use should be coded as long term insulin use (z79.4). If you have guidance please offer rationale and resources guidance is supported with. Thanks in advance!
  4. H

    Question Sliding scale insulin use

    Hello, I'm seeking guidance on whether sliding scale insulin use should be coded to long term insulin use (z79.4). I have researched and have been unlucky in finding any articles that directly addresses this. If you have any information feel free to share and if possible provide rationale and...
  5. MeanderingMichigander

    Coding presence of insulin pump

    I am struggling to find anything definitive either way... Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction :confused: (The below example assumes that the visit record does support both codes being discussed.) When coding the presence of an insulin pump (Z96.41), do you ALSO need to code...
  6. M

    Wiki Z79.4 Long Term Insulin Use

    Has the guidelines/description changed for Long Term Insulin Use from ICD-9 to ICD 10 to include use of long term DM medication as long term insulin use too? I have received information from several parties that CMS and plan are now including long term DM medication with the code of long term...
  7. J

    prolonged service

    We have a pharmacist that provides education on insulin pumps after the provider has seen them. Here is a sample of the dictation: Reason for Appointment 1. Insulin pump start History of Present Illness Care Coordination: Larry and his wife present to the clinic today for an...
  8. A


    Can someone please define "Prolonged" for me when it comes to insulin use? Is there a timeline? I didn't find this information as to the lenghth of time. I know they have to be on current insulin use. Thanks:eek: