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    PPE Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm a health information technology student in my last semester in need of assistance. As part of my program, I must complete Professional Practice Experience hours at a facility. Any suggestions or advice on contacting facilities/practices? It's been difficult getting in touch with...
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    Does Practicode count as an internship?

    I've seen a few LinkedIn users that posted "AAPC Practicode Online Internship" in their work history. Is this correct? Can I add Practicode to my work history, or should I just post it as a test score? I know it shows some experience, so I'm trying to figure out how to best show that to...
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    Newly certified and looking for a PT Internship/Xternship in DFW area

    Hello, I recently received my CPC-A, COC-A & CPMA certifications in November/December of 2017. I don't have any experience in medical coding or billing, so I'm hoping to find a part-time (10-15 hrs/week) internship/Xternship to gain experience. Resume is available upon request. Thanks! -- Gloria
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    Looking for internship around Baton Rouge

    I graduated billing/coding two yrs ago and have had my CPC for one yr and I've realized that I learned nothing in school. My externship was in Radiology and I really enjoyed it, but I moved and had to change jobs. I'd like to find a job working from home doing coding, but now I know that despite...
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    CPC-A Needing Hands-On Experience Local/Remote Xtern in South Florida

    I earned my credential and I’m seeking full-time/part-time experience either locally or remotely. I'm willing to do externship for no pay since the work experience is my priority. Jen Pompano Beach, FL