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    Wiki IVUS Help

    Hello, I have a provider who wants to bill up to 15 units of IVUS per date of service. MUE=5 and MAI=3. Is this doable? See below for brief excerpt of OP note Findings Diffuse stenosis of the right superficial femoral artery. Below the knee, there is two vessel runoff via anterior tibial...
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    Wiki How Many Procedural Cases a Day is the Norm?

    Hi! I was wondering for a medical coder who works at a private practice for cardiology (interventional, general, and EP) and is the only coder for 14 providers what the norm would be for the amount of reports being submitted a day? I only code for hospital procedures. So I am doing all of the...
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    Wiki Interventional radiology coder, CIRCC, seeks permanent remote position

    Recruiters, please respond to post in this forum with your contact info. I will receive an email alert and respond to you. Anonymous resume is attached. Thank you