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    Gyn Wellness exams

    If anyone could clear up an issue with the coding a GYN Annual exam, Z01.419/11 and a general annual exam, Z00.00 at the same time. In GYN/OB would one ever code both. Or are you suppose to code both or not. So confused on this. Is there written guidelines anywhere for proof on this issue? Jeanne
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    Medical Mastermind classic billing software and anesthesia billing

    At the Ambulatory surgical facility where I work, we are experiencing problems when billing for anethesia services to Medical Assistance and Other Medicaid MCOs. Our anesthesia time minutes are being overwritten to be one minute regardless of the anesthesia time we input in our billing software...
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    NC Medicaid help please?

    We have an ENT dr that does procedures in our facility (ASC), we are having an issue when he does a T&A (42820) or Tympanostomy (69436) along with any 30802,30930, or 30140... We get paid by commercial carriers however NC Medicaid doesnt pay but for the primary procedure. I am thinking this is...
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    HELP! 2016 in house drug screen g0477

    Help! Medicare along with other insurance companies are not paying the new G0477 in house drug screen code. Anyone having same issue?
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    E/m level 99221 - 99223 and 99231-99223 initial and subsequent hospital care

    Please help, can we as the hospital charge a e/m level for inpatient for a doc either employed or not by the hospital, even if the doc charges a e/m level through their clinic. We are having a discussion on this issue and of course we all do not agree and need outside advice. Or do you know...