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    Iliac Revascularization Unilateral PTA/Stent Right and Left

    Hi... Need help with getting 37221 RT and 37221 LT 59 paid and 37223 LT. According to a very famous payer only one can be paid however they didn't even pay ONE!!!!! They denied all THREE after a review stating that the number of items billed for this date of service is above standard...
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    Embolization with coils balloon and stent

    Hi I'm looking for some guidance for coding the following procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) * INDICATION: 57 y.o. female with multiple cerebral aneurysms * COMPARISON: CTA performed on * * ANESTHESIA: General Anesthesia. * * CONSENT: The procedure, risks, benefits and...
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    New to Neurovascular Surgery-Specialty Coding

    Hi, I'm new to NV surgery and would like to have someone who specializes in this field look over my coding. It's greatly appreciated! Codes I'm thinking 61624 36226 50, 36224 50, 36227 50, 75894 26, not sure how many times I can code 75898 26, maybe 5? Also 76377,26 NOTE: Please bill...
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    Help!!! Attempted upgrade of dual-chamber pacemaker to atrial synchronous biv

    Hi - Happy New Year!!!! We're having a problem with this op report as the provider would like to separate the radiology codes from the attempted biv insert. We believe the radiology codes are included. Can someone please either confirm or advise whether they are or are not included so we can...
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    Wachman left atrial appendage occlusion device implantation with EXTRAS

    Hi, Looking for any help with this procedure. It's a watchman implantation however our Provider would like to add a little extra to it and I'm not sure if that is possible. Looking for any advice...... REASON FOR PROCEDURE: Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, hematuria on anticoagulation...