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    Wiki ASC Collector Opportunity in Houston, TX - Webster or We are searching for someone to assist in ASC collections and claims follow ups as well as Device collections for an OBL. Applicant does not need to be...
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    Wiki Behavioral Health Job Openings - Compliance Specialist and Payment Integrity Manager

    Large Behavioral Health Payer looking for experienced candidates (at least 2-3 years) with excellent analytical skills and experience dealing with large data files, behavioral health coding/billing compliance experience for all lines of business (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial). Advanced Excel...
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    Wiki Certified CPB looking for a position in olean, Ny area

    Potential Employer, I just recently passed my CPB exam and am seeking an entry level employment opportunity in the Olean, NY area. Please contact me for my resume. I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at thanks
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    Wiki Yay!

    I just wanted to hop online for a minute to encourage the CPC-As to not give up. I earned my CPC-A designation of February of last year and have put in applications every few months to try to break into coding. I was offered a full time coding position a few weeks ago. My start date is two...