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    Wiki CPC-A looking for WORK!!!

    Happy New Year all! I am looking for an entry level CPC - A position, ideally remote, FT. I am newly certified in December 2023. I am a licensed Occupational Therapist who is done with the clinical side of healthcare, but excited to incorporate my wealth of knowledge as a therapist while...
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    Wiki Extremely frustrated

    I have been trying to get a new coding job since January and am not sure what is going on. If the last company is giving me a bad review or something. I have had interviews but then all of a sudden that’s it. Or others require stupid assessments and I freak and get anxiety and have never been...
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    Wiki Orthopedic Surgical Coder (Certified)

    Coding since 2018. Looking for part time or contract work coding trauma, other orthopedic surgeries, or office visits. Please email for inquiries