lab coding

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    Incomplete blood draw?

    How do I bill for a blood draw where no blood was taken? The note states there was very poor venous access and could not get a good stick. The patient was sent home and scheduled to come back in a couple weeks to retry it. Is it possible to bill it as an incomplete 36415, or would this just not...
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    87210 vs 87220??

    Can someone help me by explaining the difference between these two codes: 87210 Smear, primary source with interpretation; wet mount for infectious agents (saline, india ink, KOH prep) 87220 Tissue examination by KOH slide of samples from skin, hair, or nails for fungi, ectoparasite...
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    CPT 80305/G0480 coding

    CPT 80305/G0480, these test would include CPT 80329 and 80320 when performed unless done as a repeat test in which would be filled separate with Modifier correct?
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    Bariatric Screening Lab?

    BCBS is denying our labs that we have ordered on our Bariatric patients due to not medically necessary. We order these to see if there are any comorbidities that the patient/physician isn't aware of. This really wouldn't be considered pre-operative lab work, as we haven't scheduled the surgery...
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    New to Lab coding! CPT code 84443 and it's dx

    Just started coding for labs and doing someone else's f/u on a denial for code 84443. Code was denied because they used dx code R73.09. Any information would really really help!!
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    Lab coding clarification

    I have been told to code by the results of the lab. That isn't right is it. We can only code symptoms or diagnosis not abnormalities etc.... need to have some documentation to back that up. any one out there that can point me the right direction please or anyone that has articles please give me...