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    Question Billing and CLIA Waiver (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)

    Hello Team Part 1: If there is a name change to a DBA, are we still required to enroll with each payer and bill under the original name listed under the CLIA Waiver? Part 2: If the name is then corrected on the CLIA Waiver, how does the billing work at that point. Do I have to pause billing...
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    Drug Testing for Oral Fluid instead of Urine

    I'm with an SIU and we are consistently seeing labs that are billing for Oral Fluid Drug Testing using the G0480-G0483 series codes. Does anyone have a better code recommended for billing using Oral Fluid drug testing in both Pain Management and Substance Abuse? We usually follow Medicare...
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    FQHC Billing Lab Services to Medicare Advantage plans

    Hi, I work for an FQHC in Hawaii and we are having issues with billing PPD tests and other lab services to Medicare Advantage plans like UHC, WellCare, etc. Is there anyone else billing/coding for FQHCs who can share how they are billing labs to Medicare plans? According to the Medicare FQHC...
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    Nurse Level

    Can I bill a 99211 when a patient is only in the office to have their lab work done & sent to an outside lab for testing?
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    Lab Services

    Does anyone in a Family Practice setting preform lab services? Do you draw the patient's blood and send it out to a particular lab to be tested & resulted to your office? If, you do my next question is are you getting paid for your services by BCBS of NC?