1. A

    Laceration repair

    I have a disagreement with another coder on the definition of simple vs. intermediate laceration repair. They will only code intermediate if there's a foreign body noted, however, I feel if they use the term "extensive cleaning" I feel like that would make it an intermediate repair. The code...
  2. acooper1

    1st / 2nd Degree Lacerations During Delivery

    Good Evening! I am reading mixed messages on whether or not coding repairs of lacerations is allowed. I have read some examples that say 1st and 2nd degree laceration repairs should not be coded; only 3rd and 4th. I have also read that 1st and 2nd degree can be coded. Aside from what the...
  3. L

    Laceration to tongue self inflicted

    Please clarify on self inflicted tongue laceration due to seizure. I have S01512A (laceration) OR S01552A (open bite of oral cavity), not sure which should be primary or can we code both? I am coding X58xxxA for exposure to other specified factors. I do not see an external cause code for...
  4. S

    E&M and Procedure

    I would like your opinion on this, please. Pt. walks into the clinic with a laceration due to a fall. Pt. is seen by the doctor for a laceration repair. Doctor also discusses past medical history, patient's current medication--is something off with meds that led to the fall, how is the...
  5. M

    Wiki Traumatic Nonhealing Wound and Sequela vs. Subsequent

    Good day, I was hoping someone could offer guidance on a sequela question. Let’s say a patient had a traumatic laceration of their right ankle over 30 days ago and returns for debridement and/or dressing care. The Wound is non-healing and there are co-morbid conditions affecting the healing...
  6. S

    Laceration Repair-Please help me

    Please help me in finding CPT code for below scenario. 2cm facial Laceration repaired skin with 5-prolene and 6-prolene. can we 12011?
  7. C

    Uretheral laceration repair

    I have a patient who delivered her baby vaginally. She also had a 'uretheral laceration, sulcal laceration and episiotomy 2nd degree laceration repair. I know that 58300 must be done by a different MD (not in this case). I know that 56810 for sulcal repair is non-ob (also not in this case) -...
  8. T

    CPT 28202..... I need dx code

    my dx in op report is: Extensor hallucis longus laceration, left foot.--- tramatic pt dropped knife Operation was Repair of extensor hallucis longus tendon, left foot, using 2-0 Ethibond suture. The cpt code I used is 28202 Repair, tendon, flexor, foot; secondary with free graft, each tendon...
  9. N

    laceration repair and size

    Is there ever a time where you can code a laceration repair without the size documented? Such as if the physician just provides the CPT code. We have a physician who refuses to document the length of the laceration but will provide a CPT code. I do not feel comfortable coding the CPT code...
  10. alisonbee

    Laceration Documentation

    This note is from the Physical Exam: UPPER EXTREMITY More prox one is 5 cm in length, wide and gaping through fatty tissue. Goes across vertical strips of his tattoo. There are mult pieces of metal as well as pieces of tattoo ink within lac. The more distal lac is 2 cm in length, not as deep...
  11. W


    does anyone have experience coding z-plasty? Please contact me at I have a physician that documented he did a z-plasty on a traumatic laceration repair. There is some confusion as to whether it actually is a z-plasty or a complex laceration repair. I have never coded...