1. R

    Wiki DENIAL FOR CPT 59151

    hello everyone. I wanted to see if anyone can give me some insight on this surgery. I coded it as a 59151 with icd 10 code o00.101. blue cross denied the claim, stating that the cpt code is not covered with icd 10. If anyone can let me know if the code I used is not correct please let me know. I...
  2. RaveenaS

    Wiki +44955- Laparoscopic or Open only?

    A coder has billed CPT 44979 with reference to add-on code 44955 as the appendix was normal and incidental. UHC has denied payment on 44979 as the operative note we sent in is being considered "Incomplete Documentation." I reviewed the documentation myself and it seems 44955 is appropriate to...
  3. C

    Wiki CPT for Laparoscopic Repair of Colon Perforation

    :confused:Would CPT Code 44238 unlisted laparoscopic procedure code, intestine be the most appropriate code for this procedure?
  4. Q

    Wiki laparoscopic bilateral separation component

    Hello need help!!! with this cpt code I see that some are using 15734 but is this is for an open procedure? What about if the operative report indicates laparoscopic Can we use 49999? Any help appreciated
  5. J

    Wiki Help coding laparoscopic cystectomy

    One of our providers did a laparoscopic cystectomy with bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection and ileal conduit urinary diversion. The codes he selected are 51999, 58571, 38571 and 50820. Now, I thought we might be able to use 51595, 58571 and 38571 but the provider was concerned that 51595 was...
  6. R

    Wiki lap enucleation of liver cyst

    Dr. performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic enucleation of a small liver cyst. I have 47562 of the lap cholecystectomy. How would you code for the cyst enucleation? This is what the op note states " The gallbladder was identified, retracted superiorly. There also was a cyst...
  7. L

    Wiki laparoscopic prostatectomy with open anastomosis

    Hello all, i have this patient who had laparoscopic prostatectomy with PLND...... anastomosis between urethra and bladder neck trails failed due to narrow pelvis, so open anastomosis was performed ..... how should i code this? i know that laparoscopic prostatectomy code is 55866, i was...