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    Wiki CPT code 31624

    Help! New to pulmonary coding. In search of written documentation that when performing a lavage (BAL) that documentation needs to state instillation and return. Does anyone have guidelines or documentation, preferably from CMS stating the requirements? Thank you!
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    Wiki lavage of calcific tendinosis - shoulder

    One of my doctors performed a ultrasound guided lavage of calcific tendinosis on the left supraspinatus tendon followed by a subacromial/subdeltoid bursa injection. I am having trouble coming up with a good CPT for the calcific lavage on the shoulder. Do I default to 20611 for the shoulder bursa...
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    Wiki On table colon lavage due to obstruction

    Just need confirmation of this or if there is another code for the colon lavage (44701) please. 44207, 44187, 44213, 44701 - (44701 is what I really need feedback on please). PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic coloanal resection with diverting loop ileostomy, takedown of splenic flexure, and on-table...