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    Wiki 33210 vs 33207-52 vs 33999

    Please see report below. This is the first time we have run across this procedure in our practice and I want to be sure that we get it coded correctly. "After the patient and site of implantation were prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion and after adequate anesthesia was given, the...
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    Wiki Pacemaker coding ?

    How would you code the following?: Remove old dual chamber pacemaker. Cap Atrial Lead (no charge) Implant new single chamber pacemaker with no lead change. I coded this as 33233 and 33212 and it was denied. The pure replacement codes don't make sense to me though since a different type of...
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    Wiki DICD Gen and Lead Removal and Insertion of Drain (Infected Pocket)

    Recently a physician removed a Dual ICD and both Leads via Laser extraction due to a pocket infection. After the removal of the equipment the pocket was clean out and a drain inserted and sutured into pocket. I am curious if CPT code 10180 I&D for infection should be added to the Codes 33241(ICD...
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    Wiki Really need help! New at billing these

    Not sure how to bill this... Would it be 33210 and 33215? Pre-procedure Diagnoses 1. Pacemaker lead malfunction, initial encounter Post-procedure Diagnoses 1. Pacemaker lead malfunction, initial encounter Procedures 1. LEAD REVISION 2. TEMPORARY PACEMAKER INSERTION BRIEF...