lesion removal

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    Question Billing Botox with Lesion Excision

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to bill botox (for chronic migraine) with an eyelid lesion excision. Which modifier do I use to indicate two separate procedures done on the same day? I'm uncertain if I should be using -51 or -59. Thank you!!
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    Question Lesion removal

    Quick question..does a lesion removal require and E&M visit??
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    Mohs, repairs, multiple code combo denials

    I'm new to Derm and I'm coming across a lot of denial issues. Examples below. Feedback appreciated! 13132-59 Claim paid 11200 Charge denied Shouldn't both claims pay seeing that the 59 was added for the NCCI edit? 17311-79 17311-79-59 (BSC left mid-jawline and BSC left lateral...
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    lesion removal documentation

    Medicare requested prepayment documentation for lesion removal. (11642 11422 & 11441) I sent they operative report which showed lesion size in the heading of the op report. Procedures: 1. Excision of left brow carcinoma in situ (1.5 cm) 2. Left lateral canthus skin lesion excision (0.6 cm) 3...
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    Measuring and Coding Removal of Lesions

    I am coding the removal of a benign skin lesion of the right leg. The EXCISION measured 1.5 x 3 cm. The margin size was not documented in the chart note and thus would be considered already included in this measurement. Would the CPT be 11402 or 11403? A second question, if the lesion itself...
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    Using codes from the Neoplasm Table for beningn lesions

    How do I convince another CPC that I do audits with that it is okay to use benign codes from the neoplasm table if the lesion is benign? She insists that the code has to be 709.9 if a benign lesion is treated, biopsied or removed.