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    Question Locum Tenens

    Does anyone have a good resource that gives some kind of answer as to how long you can use "Locum services" under a provider of a practice? I know each locum can only do 60 days (per most payer guidelines), but how many different locums can you have work under the one physician's information...
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    Coding of Locum Tenem in the Emergency Setting

    I have always been under the impression that when a Locum is working that we are to put the Q6 modifier on anything that they do. Am I correct in my thinking? Where I work they now after 3 years of putting the Q6 on the codes that they have always overridden the Q6 to bill to the doctor that is...
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    Locum Tenens and NPI numbers

    I received a notice for a new seminar that stated there was something in the NPI contingency plan whereby NPI numbers for locum tenens physicians have to be reported on claim forms instead of the absent physician's NPI number. I cannot find this information anywhere, has anyone else run across...