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    Wiki Follicular lymphoma

    Good morning, How would you code if a patient has Follicular lymphoma grade 1-2 (60%) and Follicular lymphoma grade 3A (40%) of left axilla lymph node? Would you code it as C82.14 (Follicular lymphoma grade 1-2 of axilla LN) because the % is higher OR would you code it as C82.34 (Follicular...
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    Wiki Primary CNS Lymphoma ICD 10 code?

    What are your thoughts on the coding for Primary CNS Lymphoma of the Brain? I have tried searching it in the Index of the ICD-10 book, but I my surprise I am not finding it. When I look in my Encoder Pro, It brings me to the C83.__ or the C85.__. I am trying to help one of my brand new coders...
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    Wiki Lymphomas in peripheral blood

    When selecting appropriate 5th digit for lymphoma diagnosed in peripheral blood, would you select 0-unspecified site or 9-extranodal and solid organ sites? Thank you in advance
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    Wiki Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

    What is the appropriate code for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Diffuse Large B cell with liver and spleen involvement? Thanks!
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    Wiki Cd30+ peripheral t-cell lymphoma

    Can anyone confirm that the correct code range for cd30+ peripheral t-cell lymphoma would be c84.40-c84.49? I know that c86.6 is the correct code for primary cutaneous cd30+ t-cell lymphoma as well as lymphomatoid papulosis. But i'm trying to find the correct code for cd30+ peripheral t-cell...