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    Local by CRNA during a procedure

    Hello, I am a bit confused on how to bill this out. Patient had a procdure (62323 LESI) at a ASC. We have a CRNA that works for our company. The CRNA saw the patient in pre op, did a pre anethesia H&P. Went into the OR with the patient and per the anesthesia record monitored the patients EKG...
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    Billing DME

    I'm pretty new to using HCPCS level 2 codes. The code E0114 (crutches) has an indicator that says "Bill DME MAC" can anyone tell me what this means? Can I bill this to Medicaid?
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    Need help locating Noridian MAC LCD

    I just recently started coding for an anesthesiologist in Northern California. Does anybody know for sure if Noridian has an LCD for that jurisdiction? I was told to use L34100 ...
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    Knee manipulation w/ MAC

    Hello all, I can't find my notes...can't bill 27570 since general not used....unlisted in this case?? thanks Jamie