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    Wiki Relationship Modifiers

    Anyone having any issues with certain insurance companies not accepting the MACRA relationship code modifiers (X1, X2 etc.). In Particular Optima?
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    Question Macra codes for 2024

    MACRA codes for family care for 2024 please someone post all
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    Wiki CMS MIPS/MACRA Approved Registry

    Hello everyone, If anyone is looking for a great CMS Registry and or Medical Billing and Coding company, check out They are registered on the site and provides really great service. They have good references as well. Their fees are not as high as other companies...
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    NQF0059 - HBA1C MIPS quality reporting for FQHC

    Our office visit codes are billed out to Part A because of the FQHC status. The only code that is going to go on the Part B claim is the actual lab procedure. Can the CPT II code go on that claim or does there have to be an office visit code on it as well? Can I bill just the lab code with the...
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    Cms mm9911

    We recently began recieving other adjustments on our Medicare EOB's reason code CO237 with N700 Payment adjusted based on the EHR incentive program, N699 Payment adjusted based on the PQRS incentive program, N701 Payment adjusted based on the Value based Payment Modifier; are these not what...
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    Impact of MACRA on the healthcare industry

    What is the healthcare industry saying about MACRA implementation?
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    How is MACRA going to help small practices?

    MACRA or quality payment program is going to impacting the healthcare industry. Can you help with in finding if it is going to help the small units?