1. M

    Wiki How to code Major Depression...

    Which ICD 10 code should be chosen for " Moderately Severe Major Depression PHQ 9=15"? Please advise.
  2. R

    Modifiers 25 and 57

    How do I do this? New inpt initial hospital care (99221) with the decision for both procedures (19303, 90 day global) & (36561, 10 day global). Medicare patient. I used the 57 modifier on the 99221. Medicare denied 99221 so we appealed. This is the response from Medicare: We received an...

    93975 vs 93976

    Ok the question of the day here...What is the difference between 93975(complete) and 93976(limited)? Someone please help, I am having a major coding problem here. Thanks so much! :)
  4. jshields

    Gardasil Feedback?

    Has anyone had any feedback with the new Gardasil(HPV) vaccine? Any major reimbursement issues? Any specific carrier problems?