1. M

    Wiki Agranulocytosis and Neutropenia in ICD 10

    Hello, I am not finding a whole lot of direction regarding coding Neutropenic Fever vs Agranulocytosis presenting in patient with known malignancy having had recent chemotherapy. Can the relationship be assumed between chemotherapy and the Neutropenic Fever or does my provider need to tell me...
  2. L

    Wiki Identified Risk Factors in High Medical Decision Making for a Potential Malignancy

    There is a debate between the doctors and our department: An ultrasound was done and the patient has a 5 cm mass near her ovary. The MD is planning surgery to remove the mass, it is not known for certain whether or not the mass is benign or malignant. The MD believes that the mass is an...
  3. B

    Wiki General Anesthesia during Excision

    We have a provider who excised a malignant lesion on the forearm under general anesthesia. The problem is that we cannot find a code to bill the MAC anesthesia under. Does anyone have any advice on this?
  4. baroquecoder

    Wiki 11606 with 99214

    Patient's chief complaint is 'presents for removal of lesion' HPI: lesion present for 3 months and growing ROS EXAM Lesion removed impression; BCC not sent to pathology not confirmed as BCC Since the patient presented for the sole reason of having the lesion removed, and the procedure was...
  5. A

    Wiki coding secondary/metastatic CA

    ONCOLOGY CODING EXPERT NEEDED!!! As an auditor for a physician group, I have been getting complaints about the coding of secondary cancer(s). I have reviewed a few of the other threads here, stating that if secondary site is coded, primary should be coded as well. I used to teach coding & I...