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    Question CMT: Habilitative & Rehabilitative Services

    Is there any way to distinguish habilitative services from rehabilitative services regarding manipulation therapy? Didn't think 96/97 modifiers would be applicable to manipulation codes, and diagnosis codes don't seem specific enough for this purpose either. Is there any other method? Thank you!
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    Modifier 58 vs 78

    A patient is having a manipulation under anesthesia for arthrofibrosis during the post operative period for a total knee arthroplasty. The patient was informed prior to the initial TKA surgery that they may need to have the manipulation done post op. Is the appropriate modifier for the...
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    Fracture Manipulation and Surgery

    we had a patient with a displaced distal phalanx fracture which was manipulated in the office and then scheduled for surgery for the next week. can we bill for the manipulation or just the ov/xr/splinting?
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    DO billing Chiro Manipulations

    Can a doctor of osteopathy bill for chiropractic manipulations (98940-98942)? I know that CPT/AMA does not define the word "provider" and refers you back to your state guidelines (I'm in PA) and that the outcome of chiropractic manipulations is different than the outcome of osteopathic...
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    Nasal reduction

    One of my ER providers documented that he reduced a nasal bone fracture, he did not use forceps or anything. Can I use 21315 with modifier 52??
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    Manipulation of previous fracture and re-casting in the office

    My Ortho billed the global codes for fracture care without manipulation for a patient who had a tib-fib fracture. The patient presented to the office for a follow-up visit with a complaint that the cast was too tight and bothering her. He removed the cast and x-rays show that the fracture site...
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    New to Chrio Coding

    Hi there, I am new to chiropractic coding. I understand that if it is an established patient you can not code an E/M level and a manipulation on the same day if it is the same diagnosis as before. My question is the Chiropractor I code for almost every time has an office level visit and a...
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    Manipulation of urethral calculus

    Hello. One of our doctors did a cysto with urethral calculus manipulation. He manipulated the urethral calculus into the bladder because he was unable to remove it past the tight fossa naviularis to remove it. He did this procedure in the office and then scheduled the patient to have...