mdm comlexity data

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    Wiki Data combination MDM table 2021

    Hi I need a clarity in the data tab combination of elements. Provider order 2 each Lab tests, and reviewed the US Abdomen. Kindly clarify me whether this will go to Moderate in MDM table B or I should go to Low MDM in table B.
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    Wiki Pain scale

    Established pt coming with worsening knee pain, severity 3/10. In this case in MDM part for num# of diagnosis table A, how many points will we consider for this problem?
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    Wiki Mdm

    Hi, I have a question. I have a provider who saying she should get points in the amount of data for order and reviewing a ct and also points for independently visualization of an imagine when she read the CT scans and interrupts it in the chart. Is this double dipping and where can I find the...