1. J

    Diabetic Shoe Measuring

    We have a Nurse that does the measuring for shoes for diabetic patients. Normally, I would charge the A5500 "For diabetics only, fitting (including follow-up), custom preparation and supply of off-the-shelf depth-inlay shoe manufactured to accommodate multi-density insert(s), per shoe" but the...
  2. J

    SCCIS chemical peel

    If SCCIS is destroyed by chemical peel which does not give measurements only a percentage of area covered (in this case 35% of face) - is the appropriate cpt code one 15788 or 15789 or do you use a destruction cpt code and query the physician for measurements?
  3. Sclaborn

    Refresher for measurments of lesions

    I would like for someone to just remind/refresh me as far as the measurements go in regards to excision of lesions.... Is it add together the largest/greatest diameter of lesion, plus twice the smallest margin?? My brain isn't working today (it is still on vacation I'm afraid)..Thank you in...
  4. K

    BMI index measurements

    Good afternoon, I have a question about BMI measurements, and how they are obtained. I thought the way to calculate is by mathematics. I cannot find a procedure code that this represents. I have an office that wants to use procedure code 93720 as a way of determining BMI. I cannot find any...