medical biller

  1. E

    Wiki Billing 96127 and Medicare

    Are any behavioral health offices billing 96127 with Medicare? If so, what are the requirements? Documentation and screening? Thanks!
  2. haraml7

    Wiki jax, fl front office/biller

    Looking for sommeone to help with front office work this will Include coding, billing and customer service. newly certified coders welcome to apply as long as you are willing to learn. This position is very flexible. please send over your resume. this is NOT remote. Thanks
  3. P

    Wiki Seeking employment in the Alexandria, La area. Certified CPC

    Please see attached resume. Looking for employment. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you
  4. BUDO311

    Wiki Army Veteran, Recently Graduated and Certified CPC-A Seeking Opportunities Central FL

    Hey everyone, Figured I'd join in post my Resume and hopefully the right people might see it. My name, is John Recently graduated back in December 2017 alittle less then a month ago, couple weeks later was able to take my CPC Exam, and was a first-time go. It's was a big achievement...
  5. H

    Wiki medical biller/coder wanted

    Medical Biller/Coder wanted. Full-Time. San Diego, CA. Starts at $17.50/hr. 3+ yr. experience required. Internal Medicine knowledge and ICD-10 training required. Experience in Skilled Nursing and Home Health billing a plus. Also Psychiatric billing helpful. Ability to learn new software, help...