medication management

  1. M

    Question When is an OTC truly medication managment?

    When a provider prescribes Tylenol 500 mg with a script, would you classify that as medication management (Moderate MDM), as this is an OTC medication that can be obtained without a script? Or Ibuprofen 800 mg; where you cannot obtain those mg without an prescription, however you can get...
  2. alvesey

    Documentation Needed for Medication Review When No Changes Are Needed

    A doctor in one of our clinics notes "0 Change" next to the medication listed on the paper E/M tool. We believe we were down-coded in an audit because of this, but cannot find any documentation of what is specifically necessary to show that he does review the medications and in the auditor's...
  3. C

    Medication Managment

    Hello all! I currently work at a PCP office doing medical coding. We often have this debate and I was wondering what other coders thought. Do you count giving a simple RX of an antibiotic for sinus infection, yeast infection, cough, etc as medication management? Usually, when an acute issue...