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    Wiki Nutritional Therapy

    Is it correct to bill cpt 97803 w/10 units according to documentation? Since it states each 15 minutes? thank you.
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    Wiki Cpo

    How many months back can I bill for 30 minutes of CPO for a patient? Or does it only have to be the current months to months?
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    Wiki Coding Based on Time

    I have a provider questioning the coding of time. For example a 99213 is 15 minutes and 99214 is 25 minutes. (I realize it has to be greater than these "typical" times with greater than 50% in counseling and coordination). The provider is saying if it is 21 minutes you would round up to the...
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    Wiki Combining Time in a split/shared visit

    Are you able to combine face-to-face time between the patient and the NP and the patient and the Attending in a split/shared visit to determine one time based code? Example: Patient comes in to discuss treatment options for urinary incontinence. The Provider has a face-to-face discussion for 15...
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    Wiki Billing out E&M level for Nurse Educator

    We are questioning if our Nurse Educator can bill out 99214 if she is not doing the Exam component and she would only be one area of the MDM. She is spending 45-60 minutes with each patient. Thank you
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    Wiki Advance Care Planning 99497-99498

    Description for these code state when performed "by physician or other qualified healthcare professional." In our situation, physician talks to patient for about 5 minutes and then sends the patient to the social worker who spends another 45 minutes with them filling out forms. Would this be...
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    Wiki Advanced Care Planning-The new ACP

    The new ACP that can be done w/AWV, states that there is a 30 minute code of 99497, and each additional 30 minutes is code 99498. What are the guidelines if the physician only spends 20 minutes doing the Advanced Care Planning. I can not find any information on if the physician spends less than...
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    Wiki Billing 99408

    If my provider wants to bill the 99408 code for alcohol and/or substance use screening, 2 questions: 1. Does the 15-30 minutes include the time spent in the exam or is this an additional 15-30 minutes on top of the exam spent doing the screening? 2. Since this is a screening code along with...
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    Wiki Diag codes to be used with 99497 and 99498

    Does anyone know what ICD-10 code can be used with the new End of Life Care CPT codes 99497 and 99498? I believe the HCPCS code might be S0257. For non-medicare patients Z02.89 looked like it might be suitable, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have advice? I have also received mixed messages on...
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    Wiki Billing ills and wells together

    I believe there is some controversy on this. Our office is billing both for same visit and we are getting paid for it. I assume others are as well. For those that are comfortable with this my question is how do you determine the level of e/m? Do you look at the components and kind of subtract...
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    Wiki CPT Code question re: times on psychiatry

    Which CPT code would best reflect a 60min session? 90806/7- 45 to 50min or 90808/9 - 75 to 80min? Both face-to-face. What about 65min?
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    Wiki Minutes vs units

    What is the correct way to bill insurance companies for 99144, 99145, 99150? Are you suppose to bill in minutes or units? Thanks.