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    Wiki Medical Nutrition Therapy code 97804

    Hi all, I have been searching online to no avail. We have some patients who saw one of our dietitians as a group. We are billing 97804 and this code is billed in units for every 30 minutes. These group MNT patients were seen for 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes total). Would this be billed as...
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    Wiki Billing for MNT

    Hello, I work in an office with PCPs and RDs and I am looking for some guidance. We are billing MNT, ordered by our clinicians and billed by our RDs. How important do you feel that the order/referral from the PCP with DX is to the DX billed by the RD? Do you see any issue with the RD adding...
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    Wiki History of a code?

    Does anyone know how I could get a history of the codes used for MNT (97802-97804)? They were introduced, I think, in 2001. What was used before then? Is there anywhere I could find the documentation for this earlier legacy code? Or could someone send it to me? I wonder if it is in the CPT...