modifier 59 denial

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    Question Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL lesion removal denials due to bundled

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has been experiencing denials from Blue Cross when the claim includes a shave removal (eg. 11300) on one site and destruction of lesion using liquid nitrogen on another site (17000 or 17003) with two different diagnosis codes and a 59 modifier on the 17000/17003. We...
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    BCBS denying mod 59 on vaccine administration code 90471

    Recently, we have gotten several denials from various BCBS plans for modifier 59 on vaccine administration code 90471. The remark code says "procedure modifier was invalid on date of service". One patient called BCBS and was told modifier 59 is invalid on this service. Is this a glitch within...
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    Modifier 59 on administration codes for injections.

    I work at a Primary Care office and recently have received multiple denials on BCBS claims with vaccine injections. I contacted BCBS and was told that the administration code 90471 (billed with modifier 59) that we use for flu and pneumonia vaccines has "expired as of November 20, 2017". She...