modifier 80

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    Hello, I am looking for some guidance for a new Spine Doctor that has recently joined the orthopedic practice I work for. Dr. S is our Spine surgeon and he has been assisting another physician, Dr. Y on some spine surgeries. Dr. Y is a neurosurgeon. I have two questions, the first would be...
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    Wiki Assistant at Surgery

    I have a hernia repair op report that includes this statement at the end -- Dr. xx "was first assistant providing exposure and help during the entire operation". Can I use modifier 80 for Dr. xx's role in the surgery? The procedure code allows an assist to be billed, just wondering if that...
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    Wiki Assistant surgeon billing

    Hello, I would really appreciate if someone can help me out with billing for an assistant surgeon. I have just started working for a plastic surgeon and he has decided to use an assistant surgeon in one of his surgeries for breast reduction. I would like to know if we have to use different codes...
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    Wiki HELP! using modifier 62 and 80 on the same claim and getting denials

    Can anyone give feedback or help me find documentation on billing co-surgeon and assist on the same claim. In Appendix A of the AMA CPT book, modifier 62 states if a co-surgeon acts as an assistant in the performance of additional procedures, other than those reported with modifier 62, during...
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    Wiki AS/UD Modifier

    New to PA billing for assisting in surgeries. Have done some research, but found contradicting answers. I bill physician billing, not facility billing. 1st Question: Difference in AS and 80 modifiers? I see the definitions in the CPT book, but a few examples may make these make a little more...
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    Wiki Documentation showing CPT code reimbursment using 80 modifier

    Is there a data or documentation/table website, which someone could direct me to where it would show if a particular CPT code could be reimbursed using modifier -80 (assistant surgeon)? Realizing different carriers may or may reimburse, I was hoping to show my surgeon if Medicare would pay or...