modifier help

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    59 verus 91

    I work for a genetics lab and we are having difficulties with Medicare and which modifier to use when multiple genes are being billed under 81479. Here are 3 scenarios • Scenario 1—if we do bill with a Z code for an unlisted code (81479) multiple times for a different gene do we use 59 or 91...
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    wheelchair management

    Hello All, I have a PCP who is billing 97542/wheelchair management. Medicare denied the claim indicating a modifier is required. Being this is generally an OT/PT code I'm assuming they're looking for a 'GO' or 'GP' modifier, however I am having a hard time finding any guidance on alternative...
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    Modifier 77 ?

    Here is the scenero, the pt previously underwent an ACDF in Jan 2011 in a different city than which we are located. He recovered from that Sx, but then fell and had similiar symptoms that returned and required a re-do of the Sx at our center. (long story short) PROCEDURES PERFORMED: 1. Redo...