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    Wiki MVA?

    When a provider documents MVA procedure, what key words should I be looking for to determine whether code 59840 or 59841? What are the key differences in coding between D&E and D&C? Should 59840/59841 only be used in elective procedures or can it be used for treatment of a missed AB?
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    Wiki Motor Vehicle Accident Billing ?

    Hello, this has been an ongoing issue in our small orthopedic office for a while... We have an office policy where we do not file personal insurance for MVAs, because when we do, the insurance ends up recouping later on. Therefore, we file no third part companies. So we make patients pay up...
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    Wiki MVA Billing

    I'm new to a large ortho practice and we've recently started doing MVA clms. What are the best resources out there to walk me through the basics and then intermediate considerations of MVA bililng? PIP ltrs and other stuff... Thanks so much! - Dina
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    Wiki Psychotherapy billing after auto accident

    Hi all, just gathering some input because this is not a situation I've come across yet. We had a patient who came for mental health counseling/individual psychotherapy for anxiety related issues within several days of an MVA where their vehicle was hit by another who was found at fault at the...
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    Wiki MVA car not running

    Hope someone can clarify this for me. Patient was struck by her own vehicle which she had parked and exited, in a parking lot. The patient saw the car start to roll and jumped behind it trying to stop it, injured her knee as she collide with the rear bumper. Trying to follow the logic...
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    We had a patient scheduled for MVA follow up injury to his back. However, we he was seen he had very high blood pressure which was also treated at visit. Not sure how or to whom to bill. He is scheduled to be seen 3 days from now. Should I bill MVA only?