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    HELP 11755 denied for wrong modifer-Nail Bx Dermatology

    We have gotten a denial from IBC 2 times now for "wrong modifier" on 11755 billed charges were 99213 OV for Full Skin HX of MM etc 25 modifier(went thru and paid) 11755-bx of nail (billed with 59 modifier and denied then billed without modifier as suggested and denied.) So what modifier would...
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    Tetanus Codes

    Which code(s) should be used to report Tetanus when an injury is involved, i.e., stepping on a rusty nail?
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    Wiki Cpt 11750 and 64450

    Hello, can you please help on these codes, my physician is removing a partial nail using sharp clippers after separating from the nail, he is also using Marcaine for block anesthesia, I would code this as 11730 and the anesthesia would be included, any suggestions. thanks