1. jalabergeron

    Question Reconstruction Facial, MOHS RECONSTRUCTION NASAL

    I don't code plastic surgery very often and would appreciate any help with this. The flaps and grafts are quite confusing to me. The scheduling codes include 14060, 15260, 13151. Would these be correct? Any additional codes? Procedure: Reconstruction Facial, MOHS RECONSTRUCTION NASAL Pre-Op...
  2. K

    Nasal reduction

    One of my ER providers documented that he reduced a nasal bone fracture, he did not use forceps or anything. Can I use 21315 with modifier 52??
  3. T

    CPT Code for nasal swab/brushing for ciliary dyskinesia

    My physician did a nasal swab/brushing for Ciliary Dyskinesia, not a 'culture' swab but a tiny bottle brushing of the nasal turbinate's. Procedure done in the physician's office. We need a procedure code if there is one for this procedure. I am thinking it would be some type of Lab code...
  4. K

    Nasal Endoscopy Rejection

    I am Sarith Kalikkot working as a ENT Coder in Middle East, I am getting rejection for Nasal Endoscopy Procedure for past few months. DIAGNOSTIC ENDOSCOPIC REPORT  Thickening of mucosal lining of nasal cavity, pale in appearance with moderate congestion.  Moderate hypertrophied L inferior...
  5. B

    Deviated nasal septum J34.2 vs. Q67.4

    Which code is correct when the diagnosis is "septal deviation" with no other specification? I've been going with Q67.4 but would appreciated other opinions and explanations. J34.2 Deviated nasal septum Deflection or deviation of septum (nasal) (acquired) Excludes 1: congenital deviated nasal...
  6. D

    Magnified laryngoscopy with KTP laser ablation of vocal fold lesion - DV

    Hello, I need confirmation for the following 2 notes. How would you code for the notes below? On example 1 CPT code 31599 EXAMPLE 1 Pt with recurrent papillomas causing dysphonia. Preoperatively, the patient was counseled on the options and has chosen to undergo a laser office procedure to...