1. Q

    Wiki how long after completing treatment is dx code z08 applicable?

    How long is code Z08 (Encounter for follow up examination after completion of treatment for malignant neoplasm) applicable to use post treatment?
  2. L

    Wiki Cancer coding for Endocrinology

    Hi! This is my first time posting. I currently work for a multi-specialty clinic doing charge entry (I'm newly CPC-A certified), and am supposed to be somewhat auditing codes chosen by the physicians as I enter charges. We have an Endocrinologist in our group who sees patients for...
  3. B

    Wiki Clarification on DX Breast Cancer

    Hello All, I work for a plastic surgeon that specializes in Breast reconstruction post mastectomy. I recently passed my CPC exam and have began coding for EM. I also code pre-certs for surgeries. My coders have been taking the lazy route and code C50.911/.912/.919. I am trying to be as accurate...
  4. baroquecoder

    Wiki 11606 with 99214

    Patient's chief complaint is 'presents for removal of lesion' HPI: lesion present for 3 months and growing ROS EXAM Lesion removed impression; BCC not sent to pathology not confirmed as BCC Since the patient presented for the sole reason of having the lesion removed, and the procedure was...
  5. L

    Wiki benign tumor vs mass of limb please help!

    We had a new patient come into our office for an evaluation of her wrist the physician states "pt has therefore been diagnosed with a most likely benign soft tissue tumor over the ulnar side of the wrist." (he previously ruled out ganglion) would I use dx code R22.31 for lump or mass of the...
  6. L

    Wiki Conflicting instructions!

    I'm not certified yet, and started the coding course late last year, so just got really going on studying the ICD-10. In the instructions for neoplasm with associated pathological fracture, it says to code for the neoplasm first, followed by M84.5 for pathological fracture. But the example is...
  7. A

    Wiki Coding Pituitary nodule

    How do we code pituitary nodule? E23.7 (disease of pituitary) or D49.7 (neoplasm of pituitary)
  8. C

    Wiki OP-notes - Postoperative diagnosis vs Findings (Practicode)

    I'm finally logging into my practicode subscription on a consistent basis and practicing ICD-10-CM selection. Which section of an OP note is best to use for DX selection? Findings or Post op Diagnosis? It seems like Practicode selects findings most often. How is it in the real world? In the...
  9. N

    Wiki Diagnosis coding for neoplasms that aren't biopsied

    Hi there, I work in a family practice office and recently had a case occur where the doctor looked at a "mole" and determined it to be a benign neoplasm by its appearance. For diagnosis coding, since the physician is certain it's benign, would you use the benign neoplasm code? Or since there...
  10. B

    Wiki Secondary diagnosis of neoplasm with primary diagnosis of parotid gland (C07)

    Received denial from insurance stating can not bill C77.0 with C78.00 due to Excludes1 note and I agree however can I change C77.0 to C77.9 even when I know the site of the malignancy?
  11. A

    Wiki coding secondary/metastatic CA

    ONCOLOGY CODING EXPERT NEEDED!!! As an auditor for a physician group, I have been getting complaints about the coding of secondary cancer(s). I have reviewed a few of the other threads here, stating that if secondary site is coded, primary should be coded as well. I used to teach coding & I...