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    Wiki New 2019 Neuropsychology/Psychology Codes

    Neuropsychology and Psychology Codes 2019 Has anyone been able to decipher the new codes? Our providers have had many questions but among them, the most frustrating one for them is: Q. What code do we use if we only administer one test? - I cited the APA FAQs sheet: “The psychologist is...
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    Wiki New CPT coded 2017 VS CPT 2016 codes

    in 2016 62311 was used, but in 2017 we have new codes. I have a patient that had a LESI in December of 2016. Do I use the 2016 CPT codes or the new 2017 codes? I have not been able to locate the answer to this question and I know I knew the answer at one time, but it has left my brain! Boy...