1. T

    Wiki How should I code a New Patient Visit with a general surgeon for a nexplanon removal?

    EDIT: Changed Consult to New Patient. Our general surgeon saw a New patient for evaluation of a surgical removal of Nexplanon (the new patient visit in an office setting), significant attempts were made for removal before the patient was referred to us. Is it appropriate to use the Z30.46...
  2. J

    Wiki Infected Nexplanon

    Two visits a month apart. 1st was for the insertion of the Nexplanon (11981/j7307). Then weeks later came in, Nexplanon was found to be too superficial and now infected. So, removed and re-inserted in other arm (11983-52 (reduced service to reduce charge since it's not really patient's fault for...
  3. A

    Wiki nexplanon implant complicaition

    Ok... So I'm coding an xr that's looking for a missing nexplanon birth control implant. I can't find any complication for that particular birth control. What would you guys suggest? Otherwise it's an xr without any abnormal findings... I can't seem to find any other code to use, all the...
  4. Rebecca Pate

    Wiki 11981 modifier?

    :confused: I am billing 11981 and J7307 for insertion of Nexplanon, and insurance is denying stating 11981 needs a modifier. There are no CCI edits, and I have no idea what modifier might be called for. Help please!:confused:
  5. S

    Wiki Nexplanon-What is the correct

    What is the correct CPT code for insertion of Nexplanon?