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    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to capture middle-of-the-night work being done by the Neurosurgeon. He is being called for chart reviews, etc late at night by the Emergency room doctors and he is giving recommendations. He does see the patient for a face to face consult the next...
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    Wiki Office Visits via video

    First question, is an office appointment that is conducted via video still considered a face-to-face appointment? Second question, the patient is in the office, but the physician is in another state conducting the appointment via video. I believe this would still be billed with modifier 95, but...
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    my group provides mental behavioral health services, psychology/psychiatry, in nursing facilities that we're contracted with in 5 states. Medicaid KEEPS denying our 99484, 99358, and 99359 claims. Is there a specific way aside from the requirements we're all aware about of a claim form that may...
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    Wiki Coding for non face to face

    I am coding for a physician who has met with the parents of an older autistic child. The child could not make the appointment. The Dr. discusses the patient's care with the parents and fills out FMLA paperwork. Does anybody know if this encounter is billable and if so, what ICD 10 and E/M codes...