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    95 Guidelines - Head/Face

    Can anyone give guidance on what the Head/Face Body area consists of during the exam? I am asking simply to make sure if this does or does not include the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat. Some could say those are part of the Head/Face. Thanks in advance.
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    Rhino Rocket and Thrombin

    Quick question ... If a patient came into the ER for a nose bleed. MD performed a Rhino Rocket and Thrombin, would you consider that a Level 3 E&M or a 4? Also, is a Rhino Rocket considered a complicated or simple nose bleed procedure?
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    Wiki Tobramycin Flushes / Ent

    Help, I am looking for advice on how to code these Tobramycin Flush procedures. Some backgound, these are performed mostly on patients with Cystic Fibrosis and they hve had previous sinus surgeries and the maxillary and etmoid sinus are wide open. I have described 3 seperatae examples. The...