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    Wiki NPP and Collaborating Physicians

    Please provide guidance and documentation. Can a collaborating physician be listed as the referring provider on a new patient claim for a NPP if the patient has never seen the collaborating physician?
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    Wiki Billing for non-credentialed Nurse Practicioner

    We have a new NP that is not yet credentialed with all payers (only MCR and MCD). The physician wants to bill everything under his NPI. Not all of the encounters meet incident to requirements, some are new patient visits or new chief complaints. Also, not all payers go by MCR guidelines on...
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    Wiki shared visit

    Hi all, In the facility setting if a NP sees an in-patient and documents all of the HPI, exam and MDM in the EMR progress note. Later that day the physician "sees" the patient and attaches an attestation that states " Patient examined, Chart reviewed, Discussed with R.N. Nurse practioners note...
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    Wiki Incident To

    I have 2 questions.... Under what conditions (and levels of supervision) can either the mid-level or the PT bill “incident to”? The bigger picture question: Can the PT and the mid-level can provide services at the second office location without a physician in the building, and if so, how do...
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    Wiki Signature for Progress Notes

    I'm pretty sure i Know the answer to this but I want to see what everyone else thinks. If you have a group practice and the Physician is out on vacation so a nurse practitioner sees the patient and signs the chart i know this is "incident to." The ordering physician comes back from vacation 2...
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    Wiki Decision for SX & Pre-Op Clearance Same Day?

    Hi all, I need some help directing an ortho practice I work with. They have been billing 2 E/M codes per day; 1. the PT sees the physician who makes a decision for surgery and bills an E/M code with modifier 57 2. the PT sees an NP within the practice, who bills for a "medical clearance"...
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    Wiki Incident To Rules and the WWE

    I have researched this without success... "Incident To" guidelines state that the physician must personally treat the patient on the patient's first visit to the practice or treat any established patient who comes to the office with a new medical condition. NPPs may provide follow-up care. How...